Quality and post-sale commitment
  • 一、Commitment and guarantee that its product quality is in conformity with the quality standards of the physical samples, and ensure that the products provided are consistent with the drawings and materials that have been confirmed; slight differences between the colors and the templates due to natural tree lines are normal;
  • 二、Ensure that the environmental protection quality of the products sold meets the national environmental standards set by the People's Republic of China.
  • 三、In strict accordance with the relevant product standards and regulations.
  • 四、Installation process:
    • 【1】The installation dimensions meet the requirements of the drawings determined by the customer, horizontal and vertical, each single wallboard allows the dimensional error to be within 2mm, and the installation seam control is within 2mm;
    • 【2】The seams are uniform and uniform, and there is no visual fluctuation. Craftsmanship does not belong to this category;
    • 【3】Due to the difference between the natural temperature and humidity of the area and the temperature and humidity of the use environment, it is normal for wood products to have slight warping and deformation;
  • 五、The materials and hardware of the product are consistent with the place of production; the paint is an environmentally friendly water-based paint.
  • 六、Provide customers with free maintenance of non-human damage products for two years, and provide lifelong paid maintenance services outside the warranty period.
After sales service
  • 一、HAOLEE's warranty period is 24 months. The damage to the paint surface, the glass in the product, such as the glass of the door glass, the glass laminate, and the glass of the mirror, and the fragile products such as ceramics are not covered by the warranty; during the warranty period, Quality problems occur. We will provide free home repair service. The warranty period is calculated from the date the product is traded and valid certificates are issued (the product number is the product confirmation transaction time).
  • 二、Any damage caused by improper use, maintenance, or safekeeping by consumers; damage caused by disassembly on their own; no warranty voucher and valid ticket; neither can they prove that the product they purchased is within the warranty period; no warranty beyond the warranty period , but repairs can be charged as appropriate.
  • 三、If there are quality problems in HAOLEE products, please call HAOLEE Whole House Custom Home National Service Hotline 400-646-1996 for feedback and complaints, or contact the local specialty store directly. The company will appoint within 5 working days after receiving the appeal. Technical staff come to the service to determine the corrective plan. Special circumstances we will consult with you to jointly determine the time limit and determine the corrective plan;
  • 四、Throughout the process of quality tracking and return visits, when you select/use HAOLEE’s products, HAOLEE customer service staff may be able to call you back on HAOLEE’s product quality, service quality, delivery and installation quality, and maintenance notices. Listen to your comments and suggestions;
Product maintenance instructions
  • 【1】Direct sunlight and heat sources: Exposure to the sun or near air conditioners and heaters may result in cracking, deformation, or discoloration of solid wood households.
  • 【2】Long-term high-humidity environment or contact with water: Long-term, high-humidity environment or direct use of water, wet towels directly wipe wood products, easily lead to wood expansion.
  • 【3】Long-lasting dry environment: Long-term use of air-conditioning, heating equipment, or long-term window ventilation during the dry season can easily lead to wood moisture loss and shrinkage. Humidifier must be used at the same time to ensure that the indoor air is in the normal humidity range (40%~ 70% rh).
  • 【4】Directly placing high-temperature electrical appliances, high-concentration alcohol, natural kerosene such as gasoline kerosene, chemical reagents, paints, and boiling hot water will produce hot marks, burn marks, and dilution marks on the paint surface.
  • 【5】Does not meet the solid wood product installation conditions, customers forced the installation to cause consequences. (For example, the direct contact of the solid wood products with the ground and the wall surface will cause cracking of the solid wood products due to the wetness of the ground and walls).
Maintenance method:
  • 【1】Dust removal: Sweep daily with a feather duster or the like; weekly and gently wipe with a clean towel (uncolored) that is slightly damp (when the wet water is completely wrung out);
  • 【2】If there is any abnormal phenomenon, call us in time for feedback and consultation afterwards; it is recommended not to repair it by yourself;
  • 【3】Avoid scratching and drawing with sharp and hard foreign materials on the paint surface, which can easily lead to damage to the product's paint surface; avoid sticking with glue on the paint surface, which can easily lead to traces of glue mark; avoid direct painting on the paint surface, and can easily cause paint Surface contamination or damage;