[Case Appreciation] New Chinese Works: Listening to Life's Words Quietly, Caressing the Beauty of th

  • 2020-04-18 18:38:30
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Summary:Life is long, and home is always the sustenance of our body and soul. It is the innate and lingering tenderness, and it is al

Style: New Chinese style

Wood: peach blossom core

Area: 600㎡

Project: Xiangting Villa, Sea area, Nanchang

Life is long, home is always the sustenance of our body and mind. It is the inborn, lingering tenderness, and the first thing that comes to mind in our ethereal recollection.

This case comes from Nanchang Haolee whole wood shop, elegant style, dignified spirit, to create a perfect delicate residence.


The language that USES art condenses the ambition interest of the life, blend in the plain of log again, let a space show elegant with quiet and quiet. An ink landscape painting expresses the warmth of art in the chaotic world by removing the redundant state of mind and clearing the dust. 【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图2)【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图3)

The peach blossom core of warm color red, let tactile appear soft and wonderful, this environmental protection comfortable living space is having the nobility that cannot conceal. Of a few Chinese style place piece clever apply, make contemporary furniture presents the humanity feelings that gives a kind of fragrant 4 overflow. Let the mind travel through time and space, everything becomes warm and kind.【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图4)【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图5)【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图6)

Good household setting can make dimensional whole feeling is elegant and correct, the individual character of household is representing the accomplishment of host, deducing the deep feeling to the life. Unload the city vanity, gently give the heart to the beautiful home, enjoy the warmth of home.


Simple contains delicate free and easy, carve place does not lose contracted atmosphere. Advocating the design concept that is this with the person, each space realized the perfect union of vision and touch naturally, those exquisite detail, reveal the charm of house host grace.【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图9)【案例赏析】中式新作:静聆人生絮语,轻抚岁月芳华(图10)
We attach importance to the comfort of the body, but also give the soul to rely on, and strive to create the classic visual and artistic, leaving a lasting attachment in one glance. Howley, while giving a beautiful home culture to enjoy, also let the ordinary life colorful! 

In the time that flies,

With warm, wonderful Spaces,

Keep perseverance and personality.

Love and persistence for life,

The value and use of nature,

So that in our spiritual world,

Embrace the years of gentle!