[Log Information] After 5 months, the log reserve plan of Oxley Wanfang ended perfectly

  • 2020-07-18 08:47:57
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Summary:Haolee seized the market opportunity while taking into account the order situation. It took 5 months to successfully realize

In the first half of this year, with the spread of coVID-19, the timber market has also been affected. Haolee seized the market opportunity, while taking into account the order situation, lasted for 5 months, from material selection, transportation to warehousing, the smooth realization of thousands of square logs reserve, for the home furnishing market in the future rebound to make adequate preparations.【原木资讯】历时5个月,豪利万方原木储备计划完美收官(图1)【原木资讯】历时5个月,豪利万方原木储备计划完美收官(图2)

From this year February 20 begin, north American cherry log arrives smoothly factory, pulled open the prologue of log reserve. Since then, every month, the company has put into storage in various production bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhangjiagang and Chongqing, including myanmar teak, Myanmar pear, Brazil pear, North American cherry and other rare timber, with a value of about 100 million yuan, ensuring the high quality and abundance of raw materials.

As the saying goes: the horse did not move, forage first. With the full production of Chongqing production base and sufficient order reserve, the company has accelerated the pace of raw material reserve, so that the raw material reserve is always kept at a scientific and reasonable level, to ensure that the production is not subject to fluctuations. At the same time for the arrival of economic inflection point after the rise in demand, order season to lay the foundation for raw materials supply.【原木资讯】历时5个月,豪利万方原木储备计划完美收官(图4)【原木资讯】历时5个月,豪利万方原木储备计划完美收官(图5) 
For 24 years, Haolee has been cultivating wood for a long time, from the original wooden set door to the customized wood furniture, and then from the customized wood furniture to the customized furniture for the whole house, and has laid out 7 production bases in the country. With large-scale production and consumers' demand for Haolee products and services, the attitude on raw materials reserve has never been ambiguous. With professional height, diligent attitude, breadth of materials and financial thickness, the company aims to create cultural household wealth that can be inherited for high net worth customers!【原木资讯】历时5个月,豪利万方原木储备计划完美收官(图6)【原木资讯】历时5个月,豪利万方原木储备计划完美收官(图7)

The reserve action of Wanfang wood, just a typical performance in log consumption, is the reflection of the company's love of wood, understand wood, cherish wood, but also reflects the strength of the mature, stable, efficient raw material supply chain over the years. In the future, we will continue to give play to the unique advantages of the supply chain, continue to optimize the cost, and provide consumers with cost-effective log products for a long time.


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