【Case Appreciation】Romantic palace French style, king spirit in the bones

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Summary:One day in the 17th century, after visiting the Palace of Versailles, the Italian diplomat Visconti said this sentence when h

One day in the 17th century, the Italian diplomat Visconti visited Versailles and looked back at the golden building in the setting sun and said, "He knows how to be a king in every way."

The king visconti was talking about was Louis XIV, the self-proclaimed King of France. And the palace French style of decoration, born with the king style!


The big hall

【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图1)
French romance, first lies in the layout. The symmetry of the axis makes the hall solemn and generous, which makes the whole space show an open and tolerant magnanimity and fully reveals the host's noble identity and status.

【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图2)
Test the craft in detail. The delicate and dynamic carved flowers and intricate painted gold are full of the artistic atmosphere of delicate and meticulous work, giving the sense of space court and restoring ancient ways, and setting off the elegant and gorgeous atmosphere. Place oneself in this court-like hall, the spirit like the king in the heart seems to be awakened, evoke infinite romantic reverie.


Coat ark

【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图3)【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图4)【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图5)

Home is not only a place to live, but also a reflection of thought, an attitude towards life. The exquisite and meticulous French household reflects the high vision and strict requirements of the house owner to the quality of life.

The master bedroom

【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图6)

The master bedroom chooses the classic royal gold as the main tone, and then matches the ubiquitous carved flowers, painted gold and the leather soft outfit full of texture, deducing a noble luxury, noisy in the classical style of the quiet French aristocracy.

Second lie

【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图7)【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图8)

The arc of clever carve patterns and soft beauty, bring bedroom perceptual and refined. The quality of silk, appear particularly showily. This kind of warmth follows a gender, rejected affectation to make, moisten 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings and beautiful dream.

Shadow sound chamber

【案例赏析】浪漫宫廷法式 骨子里的王者气概(图9)

House advocate have musical cell and artistic emotional appeal very much, no matter be the starry sky smallpox that stars spot, still be the roll leaf grain that hollow-out craft carves, can see the love that house host has to French emotional appeal. If life needs to be light and gentle, then you can find the elegant atmosphere in French.

Art brings constant surprise to life, art is also another reflection of the state of mind. Courtly style, elegant as a gentleman, luxurious as a king.