[Hot Spotlight] Subvert the old light luxury craftsmanship and inject high-end connotation into fash

  • 2020-07-18 09:05:58
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Summary:I don‘t know when the trend of light luxury has swept the home furnishing field, and it frequently appears in the public eye

I do not know when the trend of light luxury swept the field of home furnishings, and today frequently appear in the public eye. Light luxury, with unique design style and artistic expression, presents the simple, comfortable, low-key and noble quality of life, a large number of young circle fans. 

Logs and light luxury


In the face of the emergence of the young elite class, home design and decoration are also rethinking how to innovate to meet the consumption needs of the social class.

This is a new challenge, 80, 90 aesthetic always with a complex in the simple; ", as if their attitude towards life. Struggling Buddhas. , the value of this kind of new group always shows antagonism and unity inadvertently, bring new thinking to household industry.


Current household manufacturer, already differentiate into log system and light luxurious system two big categories.

The production orientation of log department manufacturer is mainly concentrated in log product. Due to their own strength problems and limited ability to resist and resolve market risks, many manufacturers independently set up light luxury production lines for mass production of light luxury products. It is a systematic work and test in terms of technology, plant, equipment, channels, design and personnel.

The production technology and equipment of light luxury manufacturers mainly serve light luxury products, and the mainstream products provided by light luxury manufacturers are based on various veneers. This is both a limitation of the production line itself and a consideration of cost and profit. After all, when purchasing third-party log boards alone, the cost problem brought by material procurement will inevitably be transmitted to the product price eventually, making the product lose competitiveness.【热点聚焦】原木的轻奢:豪利颠覆旧轻奢工艺,为时尚注入高端内涵(图3)

The two seem to be caught in the awkward position of having their cake and eat it too. Are they really irreconcilable? Not really. 

Innovation of log light luxury

In the field of long rooted log home, The seven production bases in China enable The company to flexibly switch between log products and light luxury products.


At the same time, thanks to the stable and mature wood supply chain and its own wood processing capacity, Hollywood can separate cutting, planing and large-scale production of logs, greatly reducing costs and achieving a balance between quality and price.【热点聚焦】原木的轻奢:豪利颠覆旧轻奢工艺,为时尚注入高端内涵(图5)

Holley locks the light luxury household into log light luxury and replaces the market with log sheet. Stick a skin & throughout; Redefine new heights of light luxury.

The light luxury products of Howley are based on the new craft base material, and the surface is covered with laminated wood sheets, completely subverting the current light luxury products in the market.


The new process has the advantages of light specific gravity, high strength, large stiffness, stable structure and good wind pressure resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of the product.

Log sheet, straight appearance, various colors, waterproof and moistureproof durable; The color difference is smaller than the expensive dyed veneer and has aesthetic uniformity. At the same time, compared with artificial science and technology veneer, the natural environmental protection of log sheet, more valuable. Log light luxury, is the outstanding performance of quality, is the permanent carrier of aesthetics, is also a concentrated symbol of taste.

Always at the high end

Howley, it's still in his genes. High quality & throughout; The records of log products and light luxury products all have the color of high-end positioning. Howley has always been creating beautiful home culture enjoyment and providing innovative new home experience for high net worth customers.【热点聚焦】原木的轻奢:豪利颠覆旧轻奢工艺,为时尚注入高端内涵(图10)【热点聚焦】原木的轻奢:豪利颠覆旧轻奢工艺,为时尚注入高端内涵(图11)
Haolee light luxury products, still use & LDquo; Howley loved his home. Brand, has been in the strength of more than 300 dealers spread out. Sword out of scabbard, fragrance in full bloom, I believe that Howley love home will bring different light luxury style for countless young new rich!