[Log Information] Large-scale stockpiling highlights normalization

  • 2020-07-09 18:43:53
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Summary:Companies engaged in the customization of whole wood, production bases and equipment are the embodiment of the company‘s stre

Enterprises engaged in whole wood customization, production base and equipment is a strong embodiment of the enterprise. In addition, raw material purchase and reserve are also important standards to measure the comprehensive strength of an enterprise, which reflects the long-term stability of production capacity and the ability to ensure the delivery of products.【原木资讯】500m³优质天然缅甸柚木到厂,豪利大手笔囤木凸显常态化(图1)
On July 9th, Haolee entered the warehouse again 500m& SUP3; High quality Burmese logs. This batch of logs is still natural growth, quality is far better than artificial planted trees, length up to 3 meters, the longest diameter up to 1.1 meters.【原木资讯】500m³优质天然缅甸柚木到厂,豪利大手笔囤木凸显常态化(图2)【原木资讯】500m³优质天然缅甸柚木到厂,豪利大手笔囤木凸显常态化(图3)
As we all know, teak is known as the king of ten thousand trees; , is the high-grade household material. As a national treasure of Myanmar, natural teak is becoming more and more scarce, and large diameter natural teak is more rare and precious. The furniture that has teak make it, it is the inheritance of the symbol of identity, wealth!【原木资讯】500m³优质天然缅甸柚木到厂,豪利大手笔囤木凸显常态化(图4)【原木资讯】500m³优质天然缅甸柚木到厂,豪利大手笔囤木凸显常态化(图5)

The time that natural forest teak becomes material is slow, want at least 50 years, because of the accumulation of time precisely, its density, hardness, degree of oil, wear-resisting is very tall, also have a kind of special lumber fragrance.【原木资讯】500m³优质天然缅甸柚木到厂,豪利大手笔囤木凸显常态化(图6)

Artificial forest teak, can become material commonly more than 10 years, the density of these artificial rapid-growing teak is loose, specific gravity is light, oily difference, material pledges contractive sex is bigger also, on stability, wear resistance far inferior to natural teak.

Natural teak is the best choice for those who have the pursuit of a higher quality of life and economic ability. Haolee has long chosen the world's famous wood, to create the best home art can be handed down, welcome to Customize your log mansion with Hao Li!